corrections on old pmu tattoo brows:

If you have personally or have seen others with faded brows, you are probably wondering what happened.
Why does she have gray/pink/blue eyebrows when her natural hair color is different?
The answer is that she had permanent makeup done on her eyebrows and the artist used an inferior pigment on her. Poorly made cosmetic tattoo pigments fade to unnatural colors over time and look unusual and conspicuous, which is the exact opposite of what any woman would want with permanent makeup!


Shaping Correction Rules: When you make a minor shaping mistake you can use the Magic Color on top of the area to camouflage.

Color Correction Rules: Color Correction is necessary when permanent makeup changes color or fades to blue, gray, greenish-blue, grayish-blue, pink, orange, purple or in between colors due to several years of fading.  Remember colors fade to different shades; some are darker, medium or light. For dark shades you will use the correction color directly on the area or spots. Medium shades require 5-10 drops of water to 1 drop of pigment For lighter shades choose the desired color then add a few drops of the correction color until neutralized.